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Coinjur is an interactive web app/portal providing users live cryptocurrency data and the latest crypto news. Our users have access to free streaming data on thousands of different coins which they use to monitor and analyze the cryptocurrency market. and most importantly make future price predictions about different crypto-coins. Data provided by our interactive web app includes price chart history, market capitalization, trade volume, current coin value, and past performance. We also provide a description and other important information about each coin on its individual page. Give our app a try and monitor the latest prices of coin_count crypto-currencies on over 80 exchanges from all around the world. I also forgot to mention the automatic price tracking feature, set it up on coins your interested in to get notifications of price changes. Our goal is to make cryptocurrency trading easier and more profitable for you!

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Daily Top Pump List

#NameCoin PriceMarket CapChange
1PRG$ 2.64$ 174,297,9101,497.58 %
2MGD$ 0.77$ 41,099,7321,220.66 %
3CAJ$ 157.93$ 51,640,7261,093.32 %
4NSD$ 6.21$ 118,182,073812.42 %
5SRN$ 0.26$ 129,191,270564.05 %
6EVR$ 0.12$ 55,472,559464.62 %
7MWAT$ 0.09$ 40,763,651455.89 %
8DEX$ 0.22$ 42,672,243211.75 %

Daily Top Dump List

#NameCoin PriceMarket CapChange
1WIT$ 0.00$ 58,293-40.40 %
2CVN$ 0.21$ 2,614,627-32.11 %
3HSR$ 2.26$ 98,341,312-30.00 %
4DDD$ 0.02$ 9,111,389-26.37 %
5NPXSXEM$ 0.00$ 344,953-22.87 %
6RTE$ 0.00$ 580,910-17.68 %
7OSA$ 0.04$ 32,340,782-17.68 %
8TFL$ 0.15$ 916,338-16.22 %